How Political Campaigns Use Phone and Texting to Reach Out to Supporters

3 min readDec 23, 2021


Phone banking is more recent, and text messages have also cemented their positions in the political campaign. There are many ways you can optimize your result to use these tools with all these things.

Most campaign consultants find how to use calla, text messages, and both combinations to run effective political campaigns.

Build your contact list

The political campaign consultants may have the list of your local election office, political party, or data vendors. That is good, but the indexes need to work before running the target campaigns.

To build the contact list who actually support your campaign and contact those people who are new in politics. In this process, you need a way to collect the data.

Make a supporter list with the SMS

To give a chance to supporters to opt through the messages or make it more convenient to voice the support. After getting it, an automated message is sent out to ask for the ZIP code, so the follow-up messages are more personalized.

Moreover, the other information can include the name of supporters and email IDs. To learn from our experts how to set the SMS campaign. Once you have selected it, promote it across your communication channels.

Carrying out voter ID

To carry out more target communication with supporters, you need to run a voter ID campaign. By identifying the supporters, you can create your campaign’s GOTV universe. The contacts list also targets getting them out to vote on election day.

It depends on how and where you get the contact list; you may miss some crucial information such as party affiliation, mail address, history of vote, or voters. A voter ID campaign can also solve the problems.

Most political consultants’ voter ID efforts are often carried through door-to-door canvassing and phone banking.

Phone banking for the voter ID

For instance, you can call people to determine who will probably vote for your campaign and separate from who needs to be convinced to vote for you.

The way for volunteers to identify the support level based on conversation, where one highly likes to vote is unlikely. The support level can be noted as a survey to the response by reps in the call.

Sending text after call

You are unsure who votes for the voters and would like to know more about the candidate. Send them a quick message during or after the call. The news can also link to a website listing the candidates’ problems. Talking to contact over the landline, your volunteer collects the mobile, picks the right call, and attacks the text.

The political campaign strategies are sending a text and letting them know why they were called and increasing the chance of the picking up to the next attempt. So, whatever you need to start, send the texts from your calling campaigns to enable the option when setting up your campaign.

Sending peer-to-peer message

It is a great way to get in touch with your supporters all the way through your campaign. The latest data shows there is up to20% response rate from peer-to-peer, out of which 4.8% were unidentified supporters in the past.

Volunteer management and recruitment

The political field organizer helps in the best way to convert your supporters to volunteer, especially when you are running your campaign.

According to a study, one of the major political parties in France have recruited 800 volunteers in 4 months and made 900,000 calls to their supporters.

You can take the help of a call script by telling the dialog to the volunteers. Then the volunteers add the notes about the call and are recorded in the campaign database soon after.

GOTV campaign

The calling process can speed up the process significantly. Once you have your GOVT universe, reach out to the day of your election. Irrespective volunteers also have it daunting to reach every support to GOVT by manually dialing the numbers.

Final output

In the USA, Political campaign firms and their environmental association group used phone banking to call the voters to get them out for the vote on the day of elections. To increase the voter turnout, contact our professionals who guide you through setting a phone banking campaign to call.