How to Create a Voter Contact Plan For Higher Election Turnout

3 min readJan 28, 2022


A field organizer or political organizer is an ongoing field for voter contact and has personal interactions with voters and supporters. The main aim is to get candidates about your candidacy and for supporters for you on the day of the election. Reach out to thousands of voters in such a manner and mobilising them requires active planning. Here, political consulting firms discuss obtaining a voter contact to a great turnout.

Stepwise voter contact plan

To require such meaningful voter contact, properly make the plan and effective communication. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Determine your targeted voters
  • Divide the targeted voters by demography and geography
  • Create a timeline for voter contact
  • Create a voter contact card
  • The final connection to the GOVT.

Determine your targeted voters

First, you should know how many votes you require to win the election. If the current points are enough to achieve the target, you should go with the next step to determine the targeted voters. The voter selected from the support level like

  • Supporters: The regular voters
  • Swing voters: They may or may not vote
  • Opponent voters: Either not vote or give vote opponent

For example, if your projected voter percentage is less than 52 percent, you must dig more into swing and opponent voters or convince them to vote for you. On the other hand, if the voters’ gap is 0 and negative, with the help of the campaign field organizer, you can comfortably focus more on supporters and consistent voters.

Divide the targeted voters by demography and geography

When you know the individuals or groups or target them for voter contact, you need to divide them by demographics and geographics.

The geographical division helps you cut the turf, zero in on supporting or swing precincts and neighbourhoods, estimate the percentage by locality.

The demographic division helps you understand the groups by relation, the lobby groups, political advocacy groups, nonprofits, and the other political field organizer that can target you for efficient voter contact.

Create timeline voter contact

You have to keep your idea clear in your mind to voter contact targets. It is like where they are and from which group they belong. Also, know if you lag behind the winning number or hope to get a comfortable victory, then dictate your timeline for the voter contact.

In calculating and dividing the target, voters will inform how intense and frequent your voter contact number should be. For example, suppose the voter gap is huge, and many individuals fall under the swing voter category. In that case, they must contact them regularly and deliver the best message that suits their interests.

First, calculate the days you need for each activity like voter identification, contact, nurturing, persuasion, and GOTV. Then, estimate the ratio of each activity; once the date and days are fixed, the actual groundwork for the voter contact starts.

Create a voter contact card

The political campaign strategies increase voters’ trust by cultivating a positive name I.D. The voter contact card is the report card for every individual canvass. Agents must fill out these campaign cards for voters, supporters, and individuals. The card is included with name, address, number, Email-ID, and polling district.

Once the cards are filled, you can import them into your CRM and sync them with your phone banking and text marketing tool. First, however, to build trust in a candidate or position through effective communication of the campaign message. Third Coast Strategies will develop a prominent multimedia campaign with various digital and comprehensive social media campaigns.

Final contact to GOTV

If the election day comes close and your voter contact is taken from GOTV, the messaging, slogans, and communication methods encourage supporters to vote. GOTV efforts start a week before election day and end the day before. These efforts are:

  • Phone banking and text messages
  • Get commitment card signed
  • Door knocking by volunteers
  • Collect information on what voters need on the day of the election

The final lap of voter contact is your make-or-break chance to motivate the supporters to vote.


Voter contact is an essential part of the campaign. It plays a vital role in increasing voter turnout. While this plan attempts to map out your target audiences, work on the plans mentioned above carefully. If you need more efficient strategies, the political consulting firms will help give success.