Utilizing YouTube and TikTok to Reach Young Voters

3 min readNov 26, 2021


In today’s era, most people enjoy online social networks, we all are experiencing a peak, and just people use a dot Edu email address. Although some also use numbers for daily growth, we knew the potential was there.

Online social networks are fast-forwarded anymore; today’s social media is about the trend. While people focus on Facebook and Instagram or for video purposes, they use the platforms like Youtube and TikTok. The campaign consultants use these platforms to leverage the candidates. Here we described some suggestions for you!

Be natural with it

The kids primarily use TikTok to show their dance moves, and Twitch; it is essential for gamers. However, if you are a 60 years old candidate, it might not be how you should use these types of platforms. So, instead of attempting the floss, have some excellent graphics pop up. Or highlight the message or make it for lack of your dance movements for your political field organizer.

Stay on message

To know people instantly what you are there for:

  1. Think about how to canvas or phone bank.
  2. Stick with who you are, why you are making a video, and what you expect from the voter.
  3. As per your political campaign strategies, do something like Hi, my name is John, and I am working for the city council.

Then say you want to talk with them and speak about your service and X issues people face. Please give them the proper solution by any activity or tell them that you cannot solve problems without their support. Lastly, add some Call To Action to give a vote or share this video with others.

Use some relevant hashtags

First, think about your targeted audience? For example, if there are some local environmental problems, the hashtag has powerful effects on social media. So, if you are working in a nearer district area of a major university. Then with to-ranked teams, you might take some benefits of #StudentAthlete.

Add call to action

Ultimately, you want to act; should they call someone for you? Do they sign a petition? Mention the CTA many times and make it straightforward for them to work. Moreover, when you send an email, you can ask for one action. You don’t want to be confused because your supporters are what you want. It depends on your CTA; at the end, add a thank you page with the CTA.

Make maximum videos

Stick on with one problem per video. It enables you to maximize the number of videos that you have for distribution. That also means that your message won’t get lost, and eventually, you can also send the specific message to the market. Moreover, also include some particular hashtags to particular audiences.

Use effective captions

In some cases, people are distracted by how cool you are and your movements. Or you may don’t have any sound, and the caption call pulls the people. See some compelling captions that can create some questions in everyone’s mind. So, wait for what the person is saying and hear it!

Set realistic expectations

TikTok followers are great, but the politician is the walking-talking meme. He puts on some furry gloves, and everyone loses their mind. Ikea made some memes; however, it is an unrealistic expectation for the candidates; you will look bad if you try too hard.

In final word

Once you have done these steps for your campaign management, you can expand your reach. You do not need to give live on every platform but can do perfect video records for your youtube audiences. After that, upload it to other platforms to increase followers and easily reach the targeted audience.