Ways to Use Political Phone Banking Effectively

3 min readOct 13, 2021


Political phone banking is an assembly in the political campaign to reach out to others for canvassing or getting the vote via phone calls. It is mainly carried out using a call center software en-routeing commercial phone banks or voluntary phone banks (run by volunteers).

Like really, political campaigns, whether big or small, residential or for a school board, win by getting the most votes. A considerable part of this goes to the process of campaigning, reaching out to your voters, and letting them know who you’re, what you stand for, and why they should vote for you.

The campaign consultants will assist you with the many ways that will help get the maximum attention; as they will guide you which method is more suitable like the traditional or modern one and also let you know about the pros and cons of the method you choose, basically now it is good to go with the contemporary way that includes social media, emails, and advertising.

Meanwhile, campaigning works more effectively when it has the personal touch associated with it. For example, a voter might be more influenced to support a campaign when they are convinced agreeably by a volunteer, right? This is where phone banking comes in, as you can now reach out to your voters on their phone in a way both personal and efficient.

The course of action to use political phone banking

Place the volunteers

It is not possible to run the phone banking without volunteers. The first step to placing the right volunteer is by letting people know that you need them.

For the large campaigns spread across the nations, what are the best and the easiest ways to reach out? Simple phones and the internet. You can also use social media to attract people who have similar viewpoints. It is good to frame the political campaign strategies to yield excellent outcomes from your campaign.

Disperse the campaigns

When are the campaigns spread nationwide? Finding the office can be tricky, right? Especially so with the escorting and necessary phones, computers, etc. Here a political field organizer from 3rd Coast Strategies has listed down ways how the volunteers join the campaigns;

  • Use the virtual phone bank for political calling
  • A volunteer can also place a call by using the trusted browsers
  • Session initiation protocol is also a good alternative for political calling

Earmarks the volunteers

Understandably, there are plenty of reasons behind failed calls, and the one among them is that the receiver has nothing inconsistent with the caller and vice versa.

The changes will automatically be lifted when the similarities between the voter and the volunteer are more remarkable. So, for example, a voter will listen to someone similar to them when it comes to an area they live in, accent, etc., then someone from completely opposite surroundings.

Unfortunately, this makes assigning volunteers very hard. You need a balance between sorting volunteers to campaigns by voter profile and the campaign size. The campaign management firms should adopt the tactic by asking the volunteers from which area code they belong when they sign up.

Training is the key

It is complicated to call a stranger suddenly and talk to them about political matters, mainly for the first time. This will lead to failed calls, so in this case, the campaign management firms believe that it is mandatory to train and assist the volunteer so that he will be all sorted to crack the conversation with the voter efficiently.

Provoke the motivators to do better

Traditional phone banking involves manually dialing each number, waiting for the receiver to pick up, and repeating the process. Boring and repetitive!

But when you adopt the automated dialer system, it will help you take care of the tasks, conveniently leaving the volunteer to focus their efforts on just talking to the voter. In addition, automation will give you the accuracy and the right way to reach out to people.


When you execute the following ways and the assistance from campaign consultants to use political banking during your campaign, it will surely give you some exceptional results.